Savannah Rodent Control

As we begin looking forward to fall and winterweather we can hopefully put behind us another record setting summer of intense heat and severe drought. What effects, if any, the 2012 summer conditions will have on our rodent populations and number of infestation occurrences, only time will tell.

I do not know if the recent weather patterns are solely to blame or not, but we have experienced a higher number of rodent calls throughout the summer months than we usually receive. What this means for our regular fall infestations, I do not know. One thing is for certain, rodents will continue to enter homes and businesses in search for food, water, and shelter. With winter only being a few days away, now is the time to have your home inspected for rodents.

Tips to Avoid Rats and Mice

What, if anything, can folks do to help prevent the possibility of rodent infestations? A few simple things can be easily done to help NOT attract rodents such as:

  • Do not leave pet food outside at night
  • Do not stack firewood or other possible shelter sights adjacent to your home or business
  • Trim back vegetation away from the structure
  • Seal any obvious entry points into garage, eves, and soffits
  • Make sure trash cans are covered with snug fitting lids

How Do Rodents Enter Your Home?

Below is a handy graphic that shows you all of the spots that we will check for signs of entry. Rats and mice are very crafty, and will take advantage of even the slightest of openings on your property.

Rodent Extermination Coupon

Below is a coupon you can use to get $15 off your initial rodent service visit. Please let us know about the coupon when you first call us.

Should you suspect that you have a rodent issue, contact an Ideal service representative so we can schedule a thorough inspection and discuss a few treatment strategies based on the inspection findings.

We currently offer many control options ranging from baiting programs to trapping to exclusion. We also offer a few preventative programs that can prove very helpful for those structures prone to repeat infestations. Give us call today to discuss your options.