Pooler, GA Pest Control

Pooler is known for its close proximity to a major Georgia airport and to several rivers. The temperatures are warm or mild for most of the year. Pooler residents also experience the legendary Georgia humidity, which is a major contributing factor to pest problems. From mosquitoes to termites, many pests use moisture and warmth to thrive.

Dangers Of Termites

While mosquitoes and several other pests pose health risks, termites pose a major risk to your finances. Termites can destroy wood structures on homes or businesses, and the damages can total into the thousands within a few weeks. However, some people have reported more asthma attacks or allergy problems when termites are present. Some termites chew away wallpaper. If there is mold behind it, their destruction can expose the mold, which may affect people with allergies. Some types of mold can cause illnesses whether you have allergy issues or not.

Signs Of Termites

Dampwood and drywood termites are both found in Pooler. Drywood termites typically eat dry beams, eaves, textiles and wallpaper. There are several variations of dampwood termites. While most focus only on rotting bark and shrubbery, Subterranean termites will eat wood that is barely damp. For example, they often focus on damp foundation beams under your home. There may be moisture because of the climate or because of seeping water from a leak in your roof. When moisture seeps behind the walls, a prime termite environment is created.

One major sign of termites is dirt tubes. They are usually attached to the foundation of your home, and you may see them on concrete slabs as well. Some termites use underground tunnels and enter the home from under the foundation. You may also see a lone termite or two crawling near windows or doors. When termites swarm in the spring, you may see wings as they shed them. If you see a swarm, this is a sure sign of a bad infestation. Look at wood structures. If they appear gnawed or have bubbly rough rows, this may be a sign that termites are present. You may also try knocking on support beams to see if they sound unusually hollow. If they do, termites are probably feasting on them behind the walls.

How To Get Rid Of Termites In Pooler, GA

Do not try to eradicate termites alone. There are plenty of DIY tutorials online that may seem cheaper than paying a professional. However, these methods are not effective and often result in the termites relocating to an area of your home or business that is harder to reach. By the time you discover this, damages may have worsened enough to cost you thousands more. The point is that you will probably pay more in the end if you try to remove an infestation yourself.

Prompt treatment is important with termites. Our professionals have years of experience removing termite infestations in the Savannah area. They have the right tools to combat any type of infestation regardless of where it is located or how large it has grown. We also offer preventative plans that keep termites away in the future. If you own a business, this is a must. Also, homeowners can save themselves money with these treatments. To learn more, please contact Ideal Pest Control.