Garden City, GA Pest Control

Nestled on the uppermost Georgia coastline, Savannah is the state's oldest city and a haven of history and beauty. Its seaside location provides an idyllic setting for both residents and tourists alike. However, it also experiences weather and environmental conditions that are perfect for a host of pests to grow and thrive. You can protect your home and family by learning what pests commonly plague Savannah homeowners and what steps you can take to prevent or exterminate them.

Common Savannah Pests

These insect varieties are but a few that could invade and compromise the integrity of your home.


Mosquitoes thrive in the muggy and moist Savannah Georgia climate. These pests not only can bite you and leave behind itchy and painful welts. They can also transmit diseases like Zika virus, which could put the health and safety of you and your family at risk. Mosquitoes are active throughout the year in Savannah because of the city's geographic location. They can invade your home and plague your family if you fail to take the proper precautions to prevent and eliminate them.


Silverfish are another type of pest that are commonly found in Savannah area homes. These insects love warmth and humidity, which is why they often seek out shelter in your bathroom, kitchen, and utility room. They also thrive on fiber like fabric, paper, and glue. They will hide in books or piles of newspaper where they can find plenty of warmth and food to sustain them. While they pose little risk to your health, they still are not pleasant to live alongside in your home. They can be kept out by taking the necessary steps to prevent them.


Cockroaches are both unpleasant and dangerous pests that can invade your home in Savannah. They too thrive in hot and muggy conditions. Despite being able to survive outdoors, they prefer to come inside people's homes to find sources of food and places to reproduce. A cockroach infestation can put the health of you and your family in grave danger. These insects leave behind droppings that can aggravate respiratory issues like asthma and COPD. They also carry dysentery on their limbs and can leave traces of the disease on your counters, floors, and anywhere else they crawl. You should use every means possible to keep cockroaches out of your home.


Termites are every homeowner's worst nightmare because of the damage they can inflict both inside and outside of a building. These pests also can survive year round in Savannah's warm and humid conditions. Termite infestations can be prevented and treated successfully. The key to keeping them out of your home is to take prompt action if you suspect termite damage and also continue year round termite treatments.

Addressing Pest Infestations

Along with utilizing important do-it-yourself tips like taking out the garbage and keeping leftovers stored properly to keep pests out of your home, you also should take advantage of professional pest control services as needed. Professional services are vital in keeping your home free from bugs, rodents, and other creatures.

Whether you want to prevent insects like cockroaches, termites, silverfish, and mosquitoes from entering your home or you want to address a burgeoning or full-blown infestation, you should contact Ideal Pest Control for all your pest control needs today.