Tybee Island, GA Pest Control

Since 1974, Ideal Pest Control has been serving home and business owners in Tybee Island and the rest of the Savannah area. All of our employees are either registered with or certified by the Georgia Department of Agriculture. You can trust us, then, to eliminate the pests that have invaded your property.

With our warm, humid climate, it's only natural that certain pests make their home here. Below are three such pests that one should be careful about.

Bed Bug Control

Contrary to popular belief, bed bugs have no prejudice in favor of lower-class properties; they will invade any place that provides warmth and a human host to suck the blood out of. They're found most often in hotels and motels, and they're good hitchhikers, so you may have picked them up in your travels. Their bites are the most obvious sign of their presence, though not the only one. You might smash some of them in your sleep, leaving behind tiny spots of blood, or you might find their shed skin under your mattress.

Since bed bugs are nocturnal creatures and can go up to a month without food, you'll want to leave the treatment to us. We can, for example, fumigate them out of the walls and other hiding places.

Flea Control

Anyone with a furry pet like a dog, cat, mouse, or rabbit, should know about the threat that fleas pose. They bite and suck the blood from animals, which can lead to red or broken skin, scabs, hair loss, and infections. We aren't immune from fleas; their bites can trigger allergies and transmit diseases.

You can take preventative measures by combing your pets with a flea comb and washing them after outdoor excursions, but to get rid of an infestation, you'll need to hire us. Adult fleas only make up a fraction of any flea population; our team will target the eggs and larvae first and foremost.

Spider Control

Most spiders are harmless. In fact, they eat other insects for us; this means, however, that a spider infestation could signal the infestation of another insect. In either case, we can trace the pests back to their nests and carry out the appropriate treatment.

There are two spiders that should be eliminated the moment they're spotted: the black widow and the brown recluse. Black widows have the infamous red hourglass on their abdomen, and brown recluses have a dark violin shape on their back. They both dwell in dark, dank spaces (drawers and boxes, for example) and will only bite if you accidentally reach your hand into such areas.

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