Are Termite Swarms Common in Savannah and the Surrounding Areas?

Other than an extremely annoying, often frightening experience, what is a termite swarm? The technical answer is: a coordinated flight of winged termites in which the colony releases fully grown, fit, healthy, winged, sighted termites capable of reproduction.

The winged termites fly about 300 feet or so, attempt to locate a new home site, and males and females pair to begin a new colony. Almost all swarmers fail, but enough survive to continue the survival of the species.

Indoor Termite Swarms

The real trouble begins when termite swarms are found inside our homes. This almost always indicates the presence of an active infestation to the home.

If you experience a termite swarm inside your home, what should you do? First, don’t bother trying to kill the swarmers, they will die naturally rather quickly. Also, swarmers do not damage wood. Place several swarmers in a plastic bag or jar for future identification. You may then sweep or vacuum the remaining swarmers.

Also, note if possible, where the swarmers emerged from. Often they will emerge from small holes in the wood or sheetrock around doors, windows, or other features. Finally, call a licensed, well respected pest control firm for a termite inspection. The inspection should be cost free and consist of identifying what species of termite problem you have and suggested control measures to be taken, as well as the type of guarantee offered.

Exterminating your Swarm Problem

At Ideal take termite control very seriously and pride ourselves in working with homeowners to resolve the problem safely, effectively, and within your budget.