Savannah Termite Renewals

What is a termite renewal service?

What really is a termite renewal and what am I paying for? I often get this question, especially when a customer receives a bill from another pest control company containing a rate increase with little or no explanation. A termite renewal is essentially an insurance policy, held by a pest control company, against future infestations of termites.

Since most, if not all, homeowners insurance will not cover termite damage, it is a very important instrument to have. Termite renewals and contracts can be very confusing, and sometimes, deceiving. Every termite warranty or contract should state what the terms of renewal are:

How much is the renewal charge each period?

For how many periods can I exercise my right to renew?

Does my contract cover damages? If so, how much damage does it cover?

Most termite contracts renew annually with payment (bait station warranties usually renew quarterly) and come with an option for an annual renewal inspection. At Ideal, our annual inspections are free of charge and may be requested by the customer for any reason. You only pay if you wish to renew the warranty.

We do however, strongly suggest you exercise the right to renew, especially if you invested the initial amount of money to have the termite work performed originally. You may also consider, before cancelling a warranty, that current or future termite treatments may cost considerable more money to purchase than the renewal costs itself. Termite damage in Bryan, Bulloch and Chatham counties has gone up over the past ten years.

Is a Termite Warranty worth it in Savannah?

Also be aware of what type of warranty you currently have or are purchasing. We at Ideal feel our retreat and repair warranties are among the best in the industry. Please call us if you wish to review your contract, even if it is with someone else. We may be able to help with your termite renewal problems.