Savannah Termite Swarm Management

With the first signs of Spring showing up in the Savannah area, that means termite swarm season is here. Over the past two weeks our phones have been off the hook with calls regarding swarms in customers homes.

If you experience an insect swarm this spring this guide will help you through the process. Our steps below will help you quickly identify whether or not you are dealing with a termite swarm in your Savannah home

Steps to follow in response to a possible termite swarm

If possible, leave all swarmers where they are. It is crucial to properly ID the insects and attempt to determine the emergence location of the swarm.

If you must clean the area prior to inspection, collect as many of the insects as possible and place in a sealed container for later ID. A plastic baggie or plastic or glass jar is fine.

Swarming termites DO NOT BITE.

If you have a current Termite Warranty Plan, contact your service provider immediately and ask for directions on how to proceed. If you have one from us, simply give us a call today.

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If you do not have a Termite Warranty, call a professional termite control company such as Ideal Pest Control to properly ID the swarming insect and offer control options based upon the findings. We can quickly come out and exterminate your pest problem. Our technicians are experienced in dealing with swarming termites, as well as a variety of other pests.