Richmond Hill, GA Pest Control

If you live in Richmond Hill, GA, you know how hot and humid it can get with our subtropical climate. Every summer, this proves to be an attraction for pests ranging from termites to mosquitoes, resulting in infestations. At Ideal Pest Control, our goal is to handle current infestations and prevent future ones from arising. We can work on any property, residential or commercial, and we always make sure our customers know what they're up against before we proceed with a treatment. Below are just two of the services that we frequently perform.

Mosquito Extermination

There are two reasons why mosquitoes would be attracted to your property: a dwelling place and a breeding ground. These insects will migrate to your yard by taking refuge in tall grasses, shrubs, and even weed overgrowth. They will then lay their eggs in standing water. Even the shallowest bit is enough for the job, so before calling anyone, you might want to inspect your property. Mosquitoes can be found in pools, children's pools, rain collection systems, and birdbaths, among other places.

Mosquitoes aren't just a nuisance in the summers when homeowners want to put their BBQ pits to good work. These insects can transmit malaria, West Nile virus, Zika virus, and other diseases. Ideal Pest Control has your back, though. We've been around long enough to know that one-time treatments usually aren't enough to exterminate mosquitoes. Our treatments can last anywhere between 9 and 12 months.

During the initial inspection, we'll identify as many mosquito dwellings and breeding grounds as possible. We'll apply a larvicide on the eggs so that they don't survive to adulthood. The mosquitoes that are already swarming around will be dealt with using a non-residual pesticide. This means that the result is immediate and has no lingering effect. You can be confident that our chemicals won't harm your health or destroy the environment.

Rodent Control

Rats and mice will enter your home or commercial property either through the roof or the basement. The only thing they want is a warm place to build a nest and feed. To accomplish the former, they'll take any soft material they can find, such as cardboard and fiberglass insulation, and for the latter, they're usually satisfied with twigs, seeds, and grass. However, rats - especially roof rats - will venture out and burrow into the rest of your home, especially your kitchen area.

These rodents don't need a reason to bite humans; they often like to nip at humans when they're asleep. A few will become aggressive if cornered. The important thing to remember is that rats carry fleas and viruses like hantavirus, which can create a serious respiratory disease in humans. Any contact with its excrement, urine, or saliva may result in transmission of a virus.

Our company will first identify the rodents' entry points and recommend that you close them off. We can perform exclusion as a preventative measure. We'll then present you with two options for rodent control: baiting and trapping. We can openly and honestly discuss their pros and cons with you.

Serving the Richmond Hill Area

For more information, give us a call at Ideal Pest Control. Whether you're in Bryan County or Chatham County, you can trust in our service. It all begins with a pest inspection and a free cost estimate!