Pest Control Pembroke, GA

The city of Pembroke, GA, is not so far from Statesboro and Savannah, so one has access to the conveniences of the big cities without sacrificing the charms of a small town. However, like the rest of the state, Pembroke is humid all year round. The humid subtropical climate it experiences makes it attractive to many pests.

Common pests in this area include carpenter ants, cockroaches, rodents, and subterranean termites. Some cause health problems, such as rodents, which carry hantavirus and other diseases, while others are more known for the structural damage they cause. Termites, in particular, can start to hollow out your wood structures if left alone. To get rid of pests, you'll want a professional on the job, or they may return. This is where Ideal Pest Control comes in.

Pest Control Services

Homeowners have trusted us ever since we opened our doors in 1972. We have a team of licensed and insured technicians who can take care of any pest infestation with the latest equipment and techniques. Though we may sometimes make use of chemicals in our treatments, we're very intent on protecting our customers and the environment. In fact, we take a green approach to pest control and strongly believe in what's called integrated pest management. IPM methods take into account various factors in an infestation like the pest's life cycle and the way it interacts with its environment.

Termite Control

Subterranean termites are more destructive than most natural disasters; every year in the U.S., they force residents to pay $5 billion to eliminate them and restore the damage they wrought. Termite control takes time, but fortunately, we offer termite plans backed by a renewable warranty. Our technicians could set up bait stations, which will kill off the colony without requiring us to use termiticides or drill into the slab foundation.

Commercial Pest Control

From offices and warehouses to schools and restaurants, any building can be targeted by pests. We understand that business owners are worried about not just their employees' or clients' health but also their reputation, so we make sure to be discreet in our services. We'll use IPM methods to eliminate pests, such as pruning shrubbery and developing good sanitation practices. Some pests, like bees, we can humanely remove rather than eliminate.

Trust us when your home or business has:

Mosquitoes or fleas
Drain flies
• Crickets
• Stink bugs
• Asian or German cockroaches
• Silverfish
• Bees and wasps
• Roof rats
• Termites

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