Savannah Mosquito Control

Mosquitoes, Zika, and West Nile Virus remain hot topics of conversation and concern for many of our local residents. From the feedback I get, mosquito numbers, as well as fears and concerns seem to be on the rise year after year. There has been quite a bit of news in the media regarding the high presence of West Nile in our area in recent years ( July-August 2011) which has prompted many people to seek ways to help protect their families and pets.

Mosquito Treatment Plan

One way to drastically reduce the mosquito population in your home and lawn area is to purchase a mosquito control plan from Ideal Pest Control. Our service plan is proven safe, affordable, and highly effective.

I encourage you to give this service a try if you are at all concerned or even just annoyed by the presence of mosquitoes in your recreation area. I get such positive feedback from this service that I feel I need to continue to make our customer base aware of the possibility to alleviate themselves from this troublesome insect pest.

Click here to learn more about our treatment plan.

What Our Clients Say

Most often I hear statements such as “I never believed I could sit in my back yard in the evening without being overrun by mosquitoes”, or simply, “I can’t believe how well it works. I should have signed on years ago!” I echo these very same statements as I have been treating not only my home, but also the homes of several of my family members, aka, my “test subjects”. We have done a lot of mosquito based services in Chatham, Effingham and Liberty Counties.

We all feel the same way, why hasn’t this service been more readily available in the past? So, if you are tired of not enjoying your home recreation areas or are planning an outdoor party or event, please call me to discuss ways we can take the mosquitoes out of the equation