Liberty County Pest Control

Pests may be a part of life, but you should not have to share your home with dangerous insects that can cause damage. Encounters with these pests could indicate that an infestation is hidden within your walls, so it is important for you to contact a professional as soon as you suspect that pest populations have grown to infestation levels.

Common Pests in Liberty County

Termite infestations are troubling because of the fact that these pests can cause significant damage to your home before you even know they are present. These tiny pests burrow into wood to make a nest. They then weaken wooden structures in your home, and the damage caused by termites can easily reach over $5,000.

Fleas are parasites that often find their way into your home by hitching a ride on your furry family members. While fleas may start by biting your pet, these pests can move on to people. Fleas cause itchy, red bumps. The population levels associated with an infestation mean that you could be dealing with dozens of these bumps. The most dangerous characteristic of fleas is that they are known to carry life-threatening diseases like cat scratch fever and typhus.

Mosquitoes are another type of pest that cause itchy bumps. Mosquito populations are highest in hot weather, and standing water encourages populations of the pest to grow in size. Mosquitoes are known to carry dangerous diseases including West Nile virus.

Get Help From Ideal Pest Control

If you are living with any of the common pests mentioned above, you may be convinced that do-it-yourself methods of pest control can take care of the problem. Unfortunately, dealing with an infestation takes a lot more work than eliminating the insects that you can easily reach. Ideal Pest Control has the tools and knowledge needed to get rid of your pests for good. Our experienced technicians are available to discuss treatment options that will let you take back control of your home. Contact us today for a free quote or to schedule an appointment.