Ideal has Gone Green!

The Georgia Department of Agriculture defines Green Pest Management as “a service that employs an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach while utilizing fewer of the earth’s resources as part of a larger effort to reduce human impacts on the environment.” That’s a mouthful! Simply put, our definition of Green is providing safe, effective management with little or no impact to the environment and our customers health and home, a practice which Ideal has employed for many, many years.

One misconception about Green service is that we are required to use “natural” products to control or prevent pest problems. While “natural” products such as botanical pesticides and the like are useful, these products can be somewhat misleading. Some natural products can be very harmful if misapplied or applied in great abundance.

Low Impact Pest Products

An educated, preventative approach using low-impact products in targeted applications is much safer and also very effective. An effective pest management plan requires a working relationship between the customer and the pest management professional. What can the customer do to help? Reducing conditions conducive to infestations should be the number one goal.

Simple things such as good sanitation practices, using yellow light bulbs for exterior security lighting, and keeping outside vegetation trimmed away from the home go a very long way in reducing conditions favorable for pest infestations.

Green Efforts in Southeast Georgia

With our climate in southeast Georgia, there is no magic button for pest management. Instead, we need to utilize every tool at our disposal, including botanical and manmade products. With this, and the public’s growing awareness of pesticide exposure concerns, we long ago implemented several services which address these issues. One such service is our Perimeter Pest Control Program. With the knowledge that most of the insects that we control attempt to enter the home from the outside, we can focus our treatments to the very areas where these problematic pests live, breed, and originate from, the immediate surroundings of our homes. Not only has this program proven incredibly effective, but it virtually eliminates all pesticide application to the interior of the home. Another advantage of this service is the availability of different control options that may not be used inside of the home, such as low impact, moisture activated granules, exterior pest bait stations, and the like.

We are prepared to offer custom tailored services to meet almost any need or request from our clients. All you have to do is ask. It’s that simple. And as always, any pest control service Ideal offers comes with a full 100% satisfaction guarantee.