Flea Treatments for Savannah Renters

Fleas are parasitic insects that typically enter homes and apartment buildings on the backs of dogs, cats and other pets. If they are allowed to breed, they'll likely take up residence in chairs, couches, beds and carpets. Residents may experience itchy skin and red spots on the arms, legs and torso.
Ideal Pest Control can design a treatment plan that will eradicate the fleas. Many rental properties in the Savannah area, in fact, require apartment units to be treated for fleas on a regular basis. Because college students can typically be found in apartment communities in large numbers, an innovative pest control plan will need to be developed so that flea infestations can be stopped in their tracks as soon as possible.

Flea Behavior and Habits

Fleas are wingless creatures that are only a few millimeters long. Their bodies are covered in small spines. The critters generally require host blood for survival and reproduction. Because the eggs are not carried by the adults, larvae may hatch in rugs, carpets or cracks in the floor. To eliminate both adult fleas and egg masses, professionals will need to treat the affected area with a range of calibrated chemicals.

Problems Associated with Flea Infestations

Flea infestations can lead to a number of hardships for residents. They can induce localized allergic reactions that can be more severe in some humans than in others. Tapeworms and other parasitic creatures can also be passed to humans. In some cases, fleas can cause anemia in dogs or puppies that are sickly or weak.

Interested parties can contact Ideal Pest Control for a free quote. The company can ensure that the infestation is quickly eradicated without any outstanding problems.