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Termites are a problem throughout the year, and you can identify them by just tapping on your wood. If it sounds hollow, this may be because termites have been eating the inside of the wood. If you notice discarded wings around your home, these may belong to reproductive termites.

Termites can enter a home by flying through the cracks and crevices around the windows. Another possibility is that they were present within the wood that was used to build your home.

A house that is infested with termites can cause considerable damage to the wall studs, the foundation bracing, the ceiling beams and window frames. Once these wooden structures are hollow, your entire home will be very weak.


It’s necessary for there to be standing water around your home for there to be mosquitoes. If this is the case, you will notice mosquitoes flying around the inside or outside of your home. They enter the house through windows and doors that do not have adequate screens.

The mosquito bite is of particular concern because the insect carries viruses that are dangerous to humans, including West Nile and St. Louis encephalitis.


Most often, people discover that silverfish are in their homes when they find them in the bathtub or the sink. They can also be seen crawling across the floor. These pests are destructive to paper, clothing and the wallpaper as they feed on these items.

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