Cockroach Control Services in Savannah and Surround Chatham County Towns

In southeast Georgia we commonly encounter several different species of cockroaches. Some of these species require specific type treatments, others, routine maintenance will usually keep the numbers to a minimum.

The primary species we commonly see are the German cockroach, Smokey Brown cockroach, American cockroach, and Asian cockroach. We do encounter other species from time to time, however, the previously listed insects are the core species that impact our area. Positive identification is paramount to achieving successful long term control and prevention.

German Cockroach

German cockroaches have typically been the most widespread and despised cockroach in the US. Often associated with poor sanitation, the German cockroach’s ability to proliferate in very large numbers very quickly has given this pest the status of enemy #1.

German cockroaches are small, brown and have two dark stripes on the rear of the head. Hatched nymphs (baby roaches) develop from egg to adult in about 80 days. Control measures have evolved throughout the years culminating in the use of “gel baits”.

The use of new products have allowed the pest control profession to gain an upper hand on the battle against this species. Proper sanitation is still a requirement for complete control, as food competition can greatly hinder gel bait acceptance amongst some population strains. It is still believed that German cockroaches are the #1 cause of asthma amongst inner city children.

Cockroach Facts

  • Some cockroaches can run 3 MPH
  • Can live without food for 30 days—without water for 14 days
  • Most cockroaches spend 75% of their life sitting still
  • Have sticky pads on their feet for climbing surfaces such as walls and ceilings
  • There are no cockroaches indigenous to America
  • Cockroach blood is white
  • About 5000 different Species of roaches worldwide
  • Many cockroaches can fly
  • Some people are allergic to cockroaches
  • Adults can squeeze into a crack the thickness of a quarter
  • Most people DO NOT LIKE THEM!