Surprising Places You Can Encounter Bed Bugs

Bed bugs have made a huge resurgence in the Savannah, Georgia, area during the past decade. Naturally, many homeowners are concerned about keeping these pests out of their beds, but did you know that the name bed bugs is a misnomer? Although they like to hang out in bedding because it makes it easier for them to feed on human blood, bed bugs can actually be found in a wide variety of surprising places, including your bedside alarm clock.

1. The Library

Bed bugs have been found in many public libraries nationwide. In some cases, the library staff even kept this news to themselves and allowed the general public to continue being potentially exposed to these pests. When that happens, it only takes a single bed bug hitchhiking in a book or on your clothes to start an infestation in your house.

2. The Movie Theater

The next time you're sitting in a darkened theater, you might want to consider the fact that bed bugs could easily be living within your upholstered seat. This is especially important for people who have a coat, bag or purse with them, as these items tend to get sat down in an empty seat where bed bugs can hop inside them. 

3. Under a Toilet Seat

Believe it or not, bed bugs may take up residence in a bathroom. They often hang out in rugs, but they've also been known to wait under a toilet seat. In these instances, bed bugs are prone to feeding on humans who are sitting on the toilet. 

4. In Your Car

Even if your home isn't infested, bed bugs could decide to set up a colony inside your vehicle. They can be picked up from virtually anywhere, and something as simple as getting a single egg attached to the bottom of your shoe can become a problem. Even worse, the more bed bugs there are in your car, the more likely you are to spread them to your home and workplace. 

5. The Office

Speaking of your workplace, most offices provide a nice haven for bed bugs. There may not be any beds, but there's typically plenty of upholstered spaces for them to hide. These pests can then bite people while they're working, and they will often get transferred to each employee's home. 

No matter where you find a bed bug or how they got into your home, it's vital to address the issue immediately. Call the professional technicians at Ideal Pest Control at 912.335.4187 for bed bugs and all other pest control needs.

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