Signs You Have a Rodent Infestation

Rodents are filthy creatures that can transform your dwelling into a cesspool. Not only will rodents expose your family to germs, but they can also cause a great deal of property damage. Here are some of the key signs that you have a rodent infestation.


If you find rodent droppings in your home or business, this is a big indication of an infestation. While fresh droppings look dark and moist, old droppings tend to turn gray over time. Droppings are most likely to be found in cabinets, drawers, and along walls. The best approach is to take action immediately. If you wait to address the problem, it’ll only become worse.

Strong Musty Odor

When dealing with a rodent infestation, expect to smell a very musty odor. The ammonia-like scent of urine often lingers in the air for days at a time. Even if you attempt to spray a deodorizer, it’ll only temporarily mask the putrid smell. Think twice before inviting guests over to your residence. They are bound to get a whiff of the foul scent. The stench of a dead mouse will send everyone running for the hills.

Strange Behavior by Pets

Pets have a keen sense of smell and great hearing abilities. Often times, cats and dogs will notice the presence of rodents before you do. Pay close attention to their everyday behavior. While some pets will become noticeably agitated, others may begin to paw at the walls. This is especially true during the evening hours.

Late-Night Sounds

Contrary to popular belief, rodents aren’t always quiet. While you’re peacefully sleeping in your bed, you may hear them scratching and gnawing in walls. Don’t be surprised to hear scampering noises as well. Mice and rats are generally nocturnal animals. After a while, the late-night activity of rodents will eventually become unnerving.

Encountering a Live Rodent

Seeing a rodent darting across your floor or kitchen counter is bound to get your attention. There's a good chance that several other rodents are somewhere hiding nearby. This is probably the number one sign that you’re experiencing an infestation. Because rodents tend to multiply extremely quickly, it doesn’t take long for them to create a new habitat.

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