Back to School Basics: Bed Bug Avoidance 101

School will be back in session soon, and you can almost hear the ringing bells that signal you get to take a break from constant parenting. While it's nice to soak up some peace and quiet while the little ones are off learning, the tantalizing break isn't a sure thing. If your kids get bed bugs, then all hope of actually appreciating the school year will vanish.

How can kids avoid picking up bed bugs along with their homework? Here's what you should know.

A Bed Bug Infestation Primer

Bed bugs feed solely on blood, but that doesn't mean they only live on humans. As the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, or EPA, notes, they routinely hitchhike from one hunting ground to the next. For instance, your kids might carry these parasites home on their clothing, backpacks, textbooks or bodies. From there, it's just a matter of time before it spreads to the whole house.

Keeping Your Home Clean

Bed bugs are extremely good at surviving in harsh conditions. This versatility makes it harder to fight back against suspected infestations. Furthermore, the EPA says that merely applying pesticides usually doesn't cut it. Proper control is a matter of establishing an effective, comprehensive strategy.

Did you receive a letter telling you that your child's school has bed bugs? It's up to you to take precautions that help minimize the problem's spread. Smart ideas might include

  • Sanitizing the clothing, personal items and shoes that your kid took to school the moment they get home each day
  • Using normal cleaners to sanitize hard surfaces around the house
  • Sealing cleaned school items and fresh laundry in plastic bags to keep bed bugs from crawling onto them
  • Regularly inspecting for bed bugs on your beds, couches, bags and carpets
  • Looking for the tiny dark red or brown flecks of waste that bed bugs leave behind when they feed

If your child was the one discovered with bed bugs at school, then it probably means that you have a problem at home. While infested students shouldn't be ostracized or excluded from classes, it's your responsibility to take appropriate action. For instance, you might treat your home with the help of a pest management company that has the experience needed to mitigate infestations.

Working With Your School District

Keeping communities bed-bug-free is a group effort. Making sure that your school is taking the right steps and doing your part at home are both equally important. It's also wise to find a proven pest control company that knows how to fight the unique variety of bed bugs in your region.

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