2018 Pest Control Tips

The world of pests and extermination continues to change every year. Invasive species reach new areas, insects evolve rapidly and humans find innovative ways to combat them. It's vital for Georgia residents to learn about these developments so that pests don't gain the upper hand. To reduce the likelihood of an infestation and eliminate any problems as quickly as possible, please follow these tips:

1. Handy mobile apps may help you banish pests. For instance, the free PestPro software makes it easier to recognize specific bug species. If you find a plant with a disease or parasites, you can identify the problem with a program called OpenPD. On the other hand, we don't recommend using smartphone apps to repel mosquitoes with ultrasonic sounds. Studies have found that this technique doesn't really work.

2. The popularity of desktop computers continued to fade in 2017. Notebook PCs save space and offer greater versatility, but they also increase the risk that you'll transport pests from one place to another. Unfortunately, bedbugs and various mites have been known to take up residence in laptop computers. Ventilation grates and keyboards provide them with convenient hiding places. Remember to carefully inspect unfamiliar surfaces, and think twice before putting this equipment on motel furniture!

3. Recent weather trends have exacerbated pest problems in Georgia and numerous other parts of the world. Meanwhile, it has become increasingly hard to kill parasites like fleas, lice and bedbugs. It's crucial to remain vigilant and take preventive action against a wide range of pests. Set aside a few hours to seal cracks, replace rotten wood and fix window screens. Before you buy a house, pay an exterminator to fully inspect it. Remember that any secondhand or rented furnishings could harbor vermin.

4. More and more pest control companies offer eco-friendly options. Be sure to learn more about these solutions and consider using them. Chemical-free treatments may involve botanical ingredients, traps or extreme heat. They reliably eliminate pests while safeguarding the health of people and pets. Pest control firms are also using the latest technology to upgrade their services. Don't be surprised when an exterminator arrives with a tablet computer or even uses a drone to inspect wasp nests!

If vermin invade your Savannah-area home or business, Ideal Pest Control can deliver effective, affordable solutions. Our family-owned firm possesses more than four decades of experience. Coastal Empire residents rely on us to banish fleas, flies, bedbugs, silverfish, cockroaches, rodents, spiders and termites. We provide conventional and environment-friendly options. For a free quote contact Ideal today!

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